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A window washer on the top of a ladder, five stories high, at a hotel in Salt Lake City.
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Utah's Window Cleaners

The owner had spent time while in college working with another window washing company. Because of size of the company he was able to see how not all employees wash windows the same way. Seeing the effects of this and the quality different products had in keeping a window clean, he found what were the best products and what was the best technique to getting those tough hard water stains off and getting the costumers windows shinny and clean again. With this in mind he left the company as its regional manager to improve the window cleaning craft.

Knowing how many employees in other companies don't have proper unity and how their training it not always the same, we know it is important to ensure our employees have the best training. Not only to ensure the cleanest windows that can be, but to also ensure that your home is treated with respect. We won't track dirt in your home or leave a mess when we leave; either inside or out in the yard, we only clean.

The issue with many window washers is the it seems like they either don't do that good of a job, or they charge too much. Many of the local window washing companies are from younger guys that learn from a college job were they are taught to clean with bad technique. This leaves grime and streaks around the edges of the window. 

With Utah's Window Cleaners, you'll get an amazing price and we don't cut quality! Our job leaves a shine that rain and dirt runs off of!